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Monday, June 24, 2013

School's Out For Summer!

School is FINALLY out...yeah! What a crazy year this has been, especially for me. However, we survived and made it to SUMMER! 

Even though I wasn't really at school this year, I still compiled my annual Summer Reading Suggestions. If you are looking for good reads for all ages, from Kindergarten through High School (and adult!), check out the Evergreen Library "Summer Reading" website. The lists are divided by grade level, and students of all ages, reading levels, and interests will find something good to read, I promise. Some will find MANY great books to read. The lists are designed for students "graduating" from the grade levels listed, but some students will also find titles of interest on the lists above and below their grade level. 

And if you are a grown up looking for something good to read this summer, start with the High School list. Great titles to choose from!

Stay tuned to the blog throughout the summer. It will be updated daily with "latest and greatest" titles not published in time to be included on the Summer Reading lists, or books from my "to read" pile that I just couldn't get to in time. Chemo has really taken a toll on me and there are days where I just never get around to doing anything, even reading. 

I would LOVE your feedback on books that you've read or books that I should review here! Feel free to comment. We can have our own online book club...

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