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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Review: Revolver (Sedgwick)

Title: Revolver
Author: Sedgwick
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Historical Fiction
Pages: 224
Rating: 3 out of 5

Well, my goal in creating this blog was to chart the books I read, as I read them. I guess that means I can't just put books that I give 4 and 5 stars to, that I have to include them all.
I chose this book because I LOVE the author's other titles...he writes in the thriller/creepy/horror genre. Now, I do not normally like these types of books, so that tells you how much I enjoy this author. However, this was not his typical book.
The book jacket reads: "A LOADED GUN. STOLEN GOLD. And a menacing stranger. A taut frontier survivor story, set at the time of the Alaska gold rush." Yes, it is all of those things. If you are looking for adventure/survival/history, then this will work for you. However, because I was so familiar with the author, I kept waiting for some sort of "undead" element to surprise me. It never did.
All in all, it was still time well spent. The epilogue (at the end, where the author wraps up what has happened) really disappoints though. So, my suggestion is read the book but skim the epilogue and don't hold it against the author.

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