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Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: As I Wake (Scott)

Title: As I Wake
Author: Scott
Genre: Fiction, Supernatural, Mother-Daughter, Identity, Memory, Dystopian
Pages: 224

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars

Seventeen year old Ava wakes up in a panic in a house she doesn’t recognize. When her hysteria lands her in the hospital diagnosed with amnesia, Ava senses that the doctors are wrong. This woman claiming to be her mother cannot really be her mother. Ava begins to have hazy flashbacks of living in a place much different, a place under total government control.

Strangely, this reality is populated with people she sees in her current everyday life. When a mysterious boy named Morgan appears claiming to know who she really is, her memories start becoming clearer. Soon Ava must decide which life she truly belongs in, and where, and with whom, she wants to spend her future.

I received this book to review and was very excited because I am a big fan of the author's "Living Dead Girl." It also has such a striking cover that teens will be drawn to immediately. (I know this to be true because both of my neighbor girls grabbed this book immediately to add to their stack...good thing I had two copies!)

Scott, fascinated with the concept of the modal reality, uses this novel to explore what that might look like. Readers will appreciate the fast pace and surprises at every turn. Part thriller, part dystopian, part romance, this book offers something for everyone and a main character that teens will respond to.

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