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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3rd Grader, Guest Reviewer!

Today's guest reviews will be brought to you by my soon-to-be 3rd Grade daughter.  And if you have been reading my blog, you will know that I am busy in staff meetings today as it is the first day back for teachers (students start the 1st).  Oh yeah, and a little book called "Mockingjay" was released today, so I am probably busy trying to find a way to sneak a peak at a chapter or two!  Shhhh....our little secret. 

My wonderful 8 year old has offered to provide her review of some books that she recently finished.  But first, a little background.  This is the child that has struggled with reading a lot in her early school years.  Luckily mom was never worried and knew all along that she would figure it out.  Thanks to AMAZING teachers, she is getting better every day.  This summer, both my kids were able to spend one morning with me walking the exhibit floor at the ALA library conference in Washington, DC.  While mom was busy scooping up books and more books, and big brother was falling in love with his new Diary of a Wimpy Kid water bottle, she kept hoping we would find "something good for her."

Enter some wonderful ladies at the Random House booth.  We simply asked, "What are you excited about for an 8 year old girl?" and were handed book after book that she might like.  She was in heaven!  Having just completed two of those books, she offers her reviews:

"Babymouse: Cupcake Tycoon" by Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm

I have not read a Babymouse book before.  I really liked her!  She was funny.  In this book she is trying to sell the most cupcakes to raise money for the school library.  She wants to win the prize, but things don't work very well.  I give this book TWO THUMBS UP!  Did you know that there are other Babymouse books?  There are 12 other books, and my mom said that we can check them all out from the library.  I think "Babymouse: Beach Babe" and "Babymouse: Puppy Love" sound really good. 

In the back of this book, you can read about two books coming out next summer.  I think they look good because I LOVE science.  One is a new Babymouse book--"Babymouse: Mad Scientist."  The other is "Squish: Super Amoeba" and it is going to be green.

"Hamster Magic" by Lynne Jonell Illustrated by Brandon Dorman
I liked this book because it is about a little sister, and hamsters.  (I really want a hamster, but my mom is mean and won't let me get one.  She says that our dog is enough).  Anyway, Celia finds a talking hamster who can grant wishes.  She wishes to be big.  Instead of growing big, she turns into a giant hamster.  Her brothers and sisters must help her find The Great Hamster to turn her back into a girl.

This was a fun book.  I liked it because it reminded me of stories about fairies and magic and wishes.  My mom said that the author wrote a book called "Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat" that I might like.  I will have to check that out too.

I got some other books, but I haven't read them yet.  I'll let you know when I do.  Until then I am busy writing my own books about fish...and insects...and dolphins.  I even draw my own pictures.



Just wanted to let you know you've won an award from me. My Blog is and I love the information on your website. I hope more people will visit it.

Heather at Buried in Books

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Awesome review by your guest reviewer!! I really like the babymouse books too, this one sounds so cute!

Mrs. Yusko said...

Thanks for your comments...and awards!!


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