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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do YOU judge a book by it's cover?

It's another Book Blogging Hop this weekend, thanks to Crazy-for-Books!  A chance to find great new blogs...and wonderful people talking about books!  This week's question:

Do you judge a book by it's cover?

My answer?  ABSOLUTELY!  I think that my students do, too.  There is a reason I put the books that I do on display.  Their covers grab your attention and make you want to read them.

There are times when I wonder (aloud, to anyone who happens to be standing next to me) what the heck the publisher was thinking when they designed a particular cover.  Especially if the book is geared to kids or teens. 

I won't lament about the multitude of books that I wish had a better cover, but I will mention that I am EXCITED that one of my favorite series, by author Megan Whalen Turner, have finally been reissued with better covers.  Honestly, when they first came out ("The Thief" in 1997 was the first), it was hard to sell them to kids because the covers were a little boring...yawn.  Now?  They are so much more intriguing...yeah!  Can you tell which is which?

So, what about you?  Do you judge a book by it's cover?  And if you are new here, welcome to the blog...feel free to comment/follow/say "hi."  I will return the favor.


angelatarantula said...

So true, If I worked at a library I would only put the pretty cover books on display :P I'm a new follower!

Have a great weekend!
Angela Z

Steph said...

Hi there, Happy Friday! I really like your blog!
I'm a new follower...yay. Come stop by Book Junky, I have 2 giveaways going on now. Find the links on my sidebar!

TheBookishSnob said...

Hi :)

I've had those moment too when I'm stunned at the cover and why the image was used. I almost want to send it back with a note saying "Try again"

Hope you have a fun weekend !!
Hope you Hop by my site

Badass Bookie said...

Hi there!

Just hopping over via hop! I love your blog design it's so pretty! I'm sure to stop over some other time! Have a great weekend and happy reading!

Til next time,
Lisa (Badass Bookie) xx

Kelli (I'd So Rather Be Reading) said...

Just hopping by to say have a great weekend. I also judge a book by its cover, I think it's impossible not to.

And I can't tell on which is which! :)

Heather said...

Found you hopping!
I love your quote from Sean Connery! XD

Stop on by and see my answer!

pussreboots said...

Happy Friday. Yes I judge books by their covers. The librarians get me every time when they change the displays in the front of the library. The covers pull me across the room like magnets.

LMW said...

Hi! I'm a new folower hopping by! I totally agree with you on your cover comments. In fact I happened across a blog a couple of weeks agao that was doing book cover comparisons, showing the old version against the new ones. The original covers were just laughable and something I would have NEVER read! The new ones? Would have loaded them right into the basket! Hope you are having a good day!

Alison said...

You're right...the new cover looks tons better.
Have a great weekend!
My Hop

Jessi E. said...

Hello - just stopping by via the hop! I'm a new follower... I'm a degreed (but still aspiring) school librarian! :)

Hope you have a great weekend,
Jessi @ The Elliott Review

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm your newest follower via Crazy for books' blog hop. I think its so great that you work at a library. I have always found that interesting.

Although my blog isn't about books alone, I do love reading and I love meeting new people who enjoy it too.

Looking forward to reading more from you.

Marie (hope you'll come by for a visit sometime, I love new followers.)
The Things We Find Inside

sablelexi said...

Hi, a new follower here. I'm actually really interested to read your blog. I'm still hoping the economy will improve and I'll get a teaching job in my state, and I'm always interested in how someone who works with kids and teens view the books that are being read.

If you'd like to see my answer to the blog quesiton, I'm at

The Book Bee said...

Hi there, just stopping by from the hop and I am your newest follower. I love the look of your blog. Have a great Sunday!


Mrs. Yusko said...

Thanks so much everyone for the follows and the comments!

Alissa said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm an old follower, too. :]

I'm glad someone else also judges books by their covers!

Have a great week!

Elizabeth said...

First-time visitor...neat blog.

I do pick up a book because of its cover...not necessarily buy it, but it does make me pick it up and check it out.

Hopping by.

Stop by my blog if you like:

anjohnston said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me! I really appreciate it.

I also judge books by their covers though it's not the only deciding factor. I have to agree with you about "The Thief" re-release cover looking so much better than the first.

I'm a new follower and happy reading!

Anne Bennett said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am now your new follower. I am excited to read your blog's book reviews as you are on the committee to help select the best YA Lit. I hope you read my reviews for ideas, too. I am from Puyallup, but a senior high library in Bethel School district. Let's stay in touch.
-Anne Bennett

@lex said...

Thank you so much for visiting!
It seems like just about everyone judges books by their covers on some level.
Have a great day!

The Book Speaker said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm a new follower!

Midnight Bloom said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog during the hop... I'm sorry I couldn't drop by earlier!

I think it's especially important for children's books to look good because it will help garner their interest more to reading what's behind the pretty cover. :)

brave chickens said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Mrs. Yusko :)

I judge books by their covers. I like purty ones.


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