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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do not open until...

Many of you know, and have heard me mention on just a few occasions, that I receive BOXES of books from publishers.  And they arrive nearly every day.  Needless to say, I am good friends with the UPS and FedEx drivers assigned to my neighborhood.

On Friday (9/17), I returned home from school to discover two big boxes on my front porch.  This was quite exciting!  Typically I receive large envelopes containing one or two books every day.  But there are days when one box arrives, and this makes for a happy day.  Days when two boxes arrive???  PARTY!!!

So, there were two funny things about these boxes: 

(1) Each LARGE box only contained one book!  (And obviously huge amounts of packing materials).  I am wondering if these publishers understand the concept of wasting resources?  Recycling?  Killing trees? Wasting money on postage?

(2) One of the boxes had a giant sticker extolling, "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 9/21/10!"  Yeah, right!  That's pretty funny.  I am sure that this directive was only meant for bookstores, and it was easier to label all the boxes rather than pick and choose, but it made me laugh.  And wonder if the book police were going to come arrest me for opening the box before 9/21.

And yes, I did open the box, almost immediately!  Inside was "The Search for WondLa," the latest book by "Spiderwick Chronicles" author Tony DiTerlizzi.  YEAH!  I am very excited to read this, as I am a huge fan of the Spiderwick Chronicles series.  And just in case the book explodes if I read it before 9/21, I will wait until after then to read it.

Want to read it next?  Leave a message in the "comments" section and let me know!

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