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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm a Library Lion!

Do you know author Janet Lee Carey? Have you read her AMAZING books? Probably her most popular is "Dragon's Keep." But to be honest, my all-time favorite book by her is "Wenny Has Wings." I just have a special place in my heart for Will, and how he must deal with what has happened to his sister Wenny. So moving...

In addition to writing books for kids and teens, Janet has taken on the cause to champion librarians who work with young people. Using her "Library Lions" blog, Janet interviews a different librarian every few weeks, and encourages her followers to "ROAR" for the efforts of librarians.

I feel so lucky to be the current feature on Library Lions, and to be interviewed by Janet. She asked some great questions, and I had a fun time thinking of the answers. Check out her blog to read the interview. Don't forget to leave comments and become a follower of the Library Lions blog.

And Janet...we give you a big "ROAR" for all that you do!

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Sarah said...

Way to go, Shauna!


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