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Thursday, May 19, 2011

BFYA Reading Challenge, Update #2

On Monday, I began a new reading challenge. At the time, there were 48 nominated books left to read in the 40 days before my committee meeting at ALA in June. Here is an update on my progress:5/19/11:
Finished "The Queen of Water" (Resau), which was lovely, but not my favorite of her books.

Currently Reading: "Angry Young Man" (Lynch), "The Piper's Son" (Marchetta), "Jasper Jones" (Silvey), "Bitter Melon" (Chow), and "Chime" (Billingsly--on audio in the car), which are all nominated titles. The reason I've started and abandoned so many right now is that several of them just aren't "speaking" to me and I move on. Bad idea though since I will have to finish them at some point.

I am also reading "Sean Griswold's Head" by Leavitt which is not currently nominated (though I'm considering it).

The problem...more nominations keep coming in. Yesterday, there were three more added, bringing the total nominations to 77. Since I have now read 28 of the titles, that means I have 49 titles to read in 37 days. AAAH!

Must stop writing...back to reading...

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Yikes! That's a lot of reading!! I'm having a hard time with Chime and though I've heard great things about Marchetta, I've never been able to read her work. I have read great reviews of Sean Griswold's Head and want to read it so maybe it should be nominated.

I'll hope for rainy weekends so you can use it as an excuse to read. And maybe you could use it to get out of faculty meetings!



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