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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review: Numbers: The Chaos (Ward)

Title: Num8ers: The Chaos
Author: Ward
Genre: Fiction, Dystopian, Future, Psychic Ability
Pages: 339
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

This is a stand-alone sequel to "Num8ers" and honestly does not require that you read them in order. However, if you have not read "Num8ers," I would highly recommend that you do so!

On the last page of "Num8ers," we learn that Jem's baby has inherited her ability to see the dates that people are going to die. It was a truly chilling way to end a book, by the way, and felt like a punch in the stomach when I was reading it. In this sequel, that baby is teenager Adam, and he has noticed that many people are going to die in January 2027, just six months away. Can he figure out why in time to stop it?

Just like his mom, Adam sees the dates that people are going to die. When he notices that large numbers of people are going to die around New Years, he sets out to figure out what is going to happen and tries to warn people of the impending doom. Adam resolves to use his "gift" to change the future and strives to do the right thing.

Adam's story is interwoven with Sarah's, a damaged girl who also has visions of the future and wants to understand what they mean. Both share an emotional connection and are haunted by their respective visions. Alternating the narration between the two characters takes readers on an emotional roller coaster. Adam and Sarah are well-drawn, multidimensional characters with distinctive voices and are characters that you care about and root for.

The action and engaging premise will intrigue readers and keep them turning the pages. The pacing is perfect, the plot is strong, and the characters are genuine. Just like in "Num8ers," the worldbuilding is done with such detail that you feel an immediate connection to the story.

Another sequel that does not disappoint! A MUST read!

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