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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Review: Ostrich Boys

Title: Ostrich Boys
Author: Gray
Genre: Fiction, Friendship, Death, Adventure
Pages: 297
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Kenny, Sim, and Blake are a trio of friends that used to be a quartet.  Their best friend Ross was killed by a car while riding his bike, and his funeral was lame.  The boys, who live in England, decide a trip is necessary to honor their friend's memory.  Ross always wanted to visit Ross, Scotland, so the three friends know they must go there...and they decide to take Ross with them.  Or at least, take his ashes. 

After "kidnapping" Ross' ashes, the guys set out on the adventure of a lifetime.  Each hoping that their parents won't discover where they are going, and that Ross' parents won't call the luck on either account.  Along the way, the guys meet some interesting characters, travel by bus, train, and motorcycle, and find time to bungee jump and pick up chicks. 

But they also discover there was more to Ross than any of them took the time to learn, and there was more to his death than a simple accident.  What they learn about themselves, each other, and Ross has each questioning what it means to be a friend.  An excellent adventure story filled with humor, truth, and friendship.

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