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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So many books, so little time...

Or rather, I should say, "So many reviews, so little time!"

I have fallen behind on my review posting duties.  I promise that I am reading, but I am currently VERY behind (by my standards) in letting you know about the books.  I blame a variety of things: first it was the World Cup.  How could you not get sucked into the drama?  I am still crushed by the defeat of Netherlands. 

Now my distraction is the Tour de France and my addiction to the coverage on Versus.  I heart Phil Liggett and Paul by play just sounds better (and more authoritative) when there is an accent!  And watching the competition for the Yellow Jersey is compelling.  I was rooting for Lance to get the stage win today...guess it just wasn't in the cards.

Mix in a few soccer and baseball tournaments and you will hopefully understand why I haven't kept current on my reviews (and you will also realize that we really are a sport-crazed family).  So, if you are interested in the books that I've read, please be patient and keep posted!  I will catch up. 

Until then, here is the list of books I've recently finished.  If one sounds interesting, and you would like to read it or hear more, comment/email and I will let you know!
Riding Invisible (Alonzo)    
Livvie Owen Lived Here (Dooley)    
Mindblind (Roy)                  
Forge (Anderson)
Girl, Stolen (Henry) 
Hothouse (Lynch)             
Things a Brother Knows (Reinhardt)  
Raven Summer (Almond)  
Not That Kind of Girl (Vivian)
Real Live Boyfriends (Lockhart)
Dark Song (Giles)             
You (Benoit)      
Long Walk to Water (Park)
Interrogation of Gabriel James (Price)      
Girl with the Mermaid Hair (Ephron)

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