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Monday, November 8, 2010

Avalon High...the Disney Movie?

When you have a 3rd grade girl living in your house, you are frequently inundated with all things Disney Channel.  I will be the first to admit that several of the shows make me want to poke my eyes out, but I have grown quite fond of Good Luck Charlie and Hannah Montana (or Hannah Montana Forever). 

Which means that my Sunday evenings are spent curled up on the couch with a giggly girl, watching the Disney Channel.  And of course with Disney Channel shows come Disney Channel commercials...ugh! 

Recently (well, probably since August), Disney has been promoting their upcoming made-for-tv movie, "Avalon High."  My daughter thinks it looks great and is very excited to see it on Friday when it premieres.  I am having a much tougher time adjusting to the fact that one of my ALL-TIME favorite books has been Disney-fied.

Now, my problem likely stems from the fact that Disney is targeting the pre-teen crowd with their marketing efforts and my 8 year old wants to watch it because she recognizes some of the teen actors.  The book stars Ellie, a high school junior recently moved to Maryland and enrolled at Avalon High School...where several students may or may not be reincarnations of King Arthur and his court.  Cabot delivers an original and clever twist on the legend of King Arthur that hard core Arthurians and novices (like myself) will enjoy.

Meg Cabot, author extraordinnaire, has posted about this movie on her blog and has no ill will towards Disney and encourages readers to enjoy the movie!  She also reminds us that movies can never take the place of books, and we should not expect them to because of the time limitations inherant to film.  So, because I am a HUGE fan of Ms. Cabot, I will take her advice and enjoy the movie for the entertainment that it is intended to be.  And someday, when my daughter is in junior high, I will introduce her to the books! 

But I warn you, if there is singing and/or choreographed dance routines, I might lose it!

What do you think?  How successful are movies based on books?  Do you have a favorite movie based on book?

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