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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

75 Books in 65 Days...HELP!

Yes, it really is true, I have to read 75 books in the next 65 days.  This is not some crazy, self-induced torture, but the reality of being on a book award committee. 

As a member of YALSA's "Best Fiction for Young Adults" (BFYA) award committee, I have certainly been doing my fair share of reading this year.  You simply need to scroll through past blog posts to verify! The BFYA committe is charged with producing a list of the Best Fiction published in the past year for teens ages 12-18.

Don't get me wrong, I am very excited to be a part of the committee!  I have met some great librarians from around the country (and my own backyard), and read many amazing books.  Nominations closed on Monday, November 1st and the final tally is 191 books nominated for the BFYA 2011 list.  Our voting takes place the first weekend in January (1/7-1/11), so I officially have 65 days to read the 75 books I have not yet gotten to. AAAAH!

To tell the truth, I'm actually quite amazed that I'm not further behind than that.  I really expected that number to be closer to 90 unread titles.  WHEW! Small sigh of relief...

To see a list of the nominated titles, check YALSA's website.  As of today, it had only been updated through 9/30/10, but I'm sure that they will update very soon with the remaining books.  Which ones have you read this year?  Which were your favorites?  Any you didn't like at all?  (Trust me, there are a few of those!)

Teens:  Tell me what you think of any of the nominated books that you've read!  Click here for an online survey that I have created.  In the spirit of the recent election, vote early and often!!
Oh, and keep checking back as I update my progress.  Thank goodness I still have a stack of student reviews to fill in those days when I just don't get to posting!


Alison said...

Oh, wow. That's a lot. Good luck.

Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

So many! And now you're adding on the non-fiction list.
Anyway, I've read and enjoyed Mockingbird by K. E., You by Benoit, and Gardener. Stork is another one I've read. And MANY on the list I have in my TBR pile at home.


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