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Friday, March 15, 2013

Amazing Authors visit Evergreen!

Evergreen was so lucky to host two amazing authors this week. Lisa McMann and Jennifer Nielsen took time out of their busy touring schedule to visit students in the Library Tuesday morning. Several 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Language Arts classes were lucky to be able to hear the presentation. It was a PACKED house!

Now, right off the bat, let me just say that I was very happy to be able to organize this event as I am a HUGE fan of BOTH authors and their books. I was also glad that I was feeling well enough to be there so I could meet them. (I tried not to embarrass myself too much by gushing like a teenage fan-girl...I promise).


Such a good time was had by all. AND we received some great advice to help us with our writing. Here are just a few of the important things to keep in mind:
(1) Story connects all of us! Books, music, dance, art...all creative endeavors tell a story.
(2) When you write something you think it's AMAZING, and you're sure that your teacher will think it's PERFECT. No such luck, right? The teacher always thinks your work needs revision. UGH! But Ms. Nielsen decoded the word "revision" for us: This is your teacher's way of saying what you have done is pretty good, but it could be great...with revision. "It's not enough to be good, I expect you to be great."
(3) Great writing comes in re-writing.
(4) Ms. McMann reminded us to always ask the "What If?" matter where you are, or what you see, there's a story in it.

Their combined tips for wannabe writers:
(1) Read your favorite book over and look at it like a writer.
(2) Don't give up!
(3) Don't be afraid to fail.
(4) Be true to who you are. Write your own voice. "We need your voice!"
(5) Read!
(6) Keep writing.

Besides being a fan of each other's books, Ms. McMann admitted to being a fan of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and the "Chronicles of Narnia" books when she was a tween/teen. Ms. Nielsen loved (and still does) "The Outsiders" when she was in middle school. (Great choices, ladies!)

About the morning, Ms. Nielsen had this to say, "So glad to have met you, and the others there, and the fantastic students. Lisa and I really enjoyed our time at your school." Well, we really enjoyed our time with both of you! Thank you...and a big THANK YOU to Third Place Books for bringing this event to us.

To hear more about their books, read this previous "Trailer Tuesday" post.

And if you ever have a chance to see these dynamic women in person, DON'T MISS IT! You will not regret it. And if she doesn't tell you the story, ask Ms. Nielsen how her and Suzanne Collins share something in common.

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Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

What a nice experience for those kids, to actually have two authors visit and talk to them about writing. I think they shared very good tips, I especially like the one about revising to make it great! I must admit, I really don't do much revising when it comes to posting on my blog. It's one of those "should dos" that I don't do.


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