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Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Madness Continues

Yes, March Madness has swept through the library at Evergreen! We are doing our part to contribute to the craziness that comes with filling out a bracket and rooting for your favorites.

Now, to be honest, this is the first year in I don't know how long that I haven't filled out a college basketball bracket. Chemo brain just didn't allow me to think clearly enough to compete. And since I know better than to pick my favorite Bulldogs, I wouldn't have been too disappointed with my bracket.

But March Madness at the library is almost as crazy! There have been blowouts, buzzer beaters, and upsets! We started with 32 books, all determined by the top circulations in our library since the start of school. Adjusting for series: only the top circulating book in a series was "allowed" into the tournament as decided by the tournament official (me).

First round: Some very interesting outcomes!
--8th seed Leviathan battled 25th seed Unwind. In the end, the winner was determined by the FINAL VOTE, with Leviathan prevailing.

--The 20th (Red Pyramid) and 21st (Chomp) seeds upset their competitors.

--Two of my favorite books were paired up against each other, so I knew from the start I was going to lose one of my favorites in the first round. False Prince battled to the win over A Long Way Gone.

--3rd seed Maze Runner did not crush it's competitor (Breaking Dawn) quite like you'd expect of a 3rd seed, but it did come out victorious in the end.

Sweet 16:
--9th seed Matched upset Leviathan in the closest matchup in this round.

--My FAVORITE book in the tournament, Swim the Fly (4) was upset by Red Pyramid. I am bracket is blown. It's all fun and games until your favorite "team" loses.

Now we are on to the Elite 8. Voting is open until Tuesday, 4/2 at 3pm. You can vote online here, or get a paper bracket from the library. Will your favorite book(s) make it to the Final Four??? Stay tuned...

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