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Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Madness in the Library!

Starting Monday, the library will be holding it's own March Madness tourney! Students AND staff can compete and win prizes. Will your favorite book(s) make it to the Final Four???

Come to the library each week to get your bracket. Round 1 voting starts Monday, and ballots must be returned to the library no later than 8AM Friday 3/22. Sweet 16 voting starts Monday 3/25.


WHAT IS IT?                                                                                                                            
A contest to pick the best book at Evergreen! (The Top 32 books based on circulations this school year are competing).                                                                                                             Voting will be finished before spring break.    
HOW DOES IT WORK?                                                                                                                               
Students and staff will vote for their favorite books. Books are divided into brackets, starting with 32, then Sweet 16, Elite 8, and then the Final 4 & Winner.                                                                                                                                
Vote each week to ensure your favorite books make it through the bracket.
ARE THERE PRIZES?                                                                                                                               
YES! There will be prizes awarded each week (fun stuff) and grand prizes awarded at the end (gift cards and free books).                                                                                                                                
Students AND staff can win BIG prizes by voting for the books that make it to the Final Four, and for picking the winner. There are also smaller prizes awarded each week.
You can't win prizes if you don't remember to put your name on the ballot :)

VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN?                                                                                                                         
Campaigning for your favorite book IS allowed…but you can only vote ONCE each round. If you have a favorite book and want it to win, get other people to vote for it. To see how your favorites are doing, check out the giant bracket in the library for updates!                                                                                                                            
If you would rather vote online, you can! Use the links below. (This week only, there are two on both to vote for all the match-ups). You can actually start voting online now.

Western Conference
Eastern Conference

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