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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Six Day Reading Challenge...update #2

As of Saturday, 9:45pm...

Books read since Wednesday @ 7pm: 9
Currently reading: just finished #9
Books to go: 7
(Hmmm, beginning to think that 16 books might have been a crazy goal.  But book #7 was almost 500 pages, so I think it should count as 2!)

Number of baseball games watched today: 2
Number of ferry rides taken: 1
Wishing the baseball tournament was somewhere warm like Kennewick instead of in windy, cold Bremerton.  But ferry rides offer enough time for reading.

Need to start book #10, but also have many television shows to catch up on.  More baseball games tomorrow...

1 comment:

Mrs. Yusko said...

Books read since last update:
Toads and Diamonds (Tomlinson)
Compromised (Ayarbe)
Thief Eyes (Simner)
Bullet Point (Abrahms)

I liked this batch of books pretty well...


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