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Monday, June 21, 2010

Six Day Reading Challenge...update #4

As of 11:03pm on Monday...from the airport, because our plane is delayed.

Books read since Wednesday @ 7pm: 15!
Books currently reading: 1 (actually, I'm listening to it on my iPod)
Books to go: 0!!!!

Number of loads of laundry done: 100 (Okay, not really.  But it sure feels like it)
Number of suitcases packed: 3
Number of military personnel I am currently sitting by: 8
(And we decided that they have pretty cool backpacks.  One would hope there is at least a few perks to that job.  Safe travels all!)

So, even though I only read 15 books, I actually made my goal.  The 16th book that I thought I had to read...I really did not have to.  It is not on our BFYA nominee list, so it will have to wait for later this summer.  My next goal?  I have 10 more books to finish before my award committee meeting on Saturday.  Thank goodness it is a LONG plane ride...

What's your reading goal this summer?????

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