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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Six Day Reading Challenge...update #3

As of Sunday, 10:45pm...

Books read since Wednesday @ 7pm: 11
Currently reading: just started # 12
Books to go: 4

Number of baseball games watched today: 2 (and it was raining so I couldn't read between innings)
Number of tournament championships won: 1 (Yeah! Worth sitting in the cold and rain all weekend).
Number of ferry rides today: 1 (Thank goodness, or my book count would be less).

Four books to read tomorrow...hmmm, can it be done?  I'm not sure.  Especially since there is one that I'm not that wild about and I've unfortunately saved it for the last day.  Not a good plan.

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Mrs. Yusko said...

Books finished since last update:

Borderline (Stratton)
Mistwood (Cypress)

Started The Shadow Hunt (Langrish)

REALLY like Borderline...quite a bit to make you think about. Mistwood and The Shadow Hunt are fantasy of the Elves, Fairies, Kings and Queens type, which I typically am not a fan of. However, I actually enjoyed both of these books, so that must mean they are good.


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