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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review: Flame in the Mist (Grindstaff)

Title: Flame in the Mist
Author: Grindstaff
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Pages: 452
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Ages: 4th-8th grades

I reviewed this book for the publisher and I'm posting below the booktalk that I wrote for their website. High fantasy is not my thing, and I thought this book might have been a little long for the intended audience, but I still think that if you like fantasy/adventure stories, you will enjoy this! And somehow I think I left it off my summer reading list, so I wanted to make sure that I let you know about it.

Jemma lives in a land of darkness, shrouded by an evil mist that keeps out the sun. Her family has ruled the land for centuries, using their dark powers to retain control. But Jemma has always looked and felt like an outsider, like she doesn’t belong. With her flame red hair and her outrage at the ghastly things that go on in the castle, she knows that something isn’t right. And on the eve of her thirteenth birthday, she finds out the horrible secret that her family has been keeping from her. Now, forced to flee into the forest and the danger that lurks there, Jemma is on the run with only her pet rats and an ancient book to keep her company. With the help of mysterious people she meets along the way, Jemma might just have a chance at making it out alive. But can she fulfill her prophecy and defeat the evil forces working to destroy her and the kingdom?

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