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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trailer Tuesday

Better Nate than Ever (Tim Federle)

Okay, I LOVE this book. LOVE. IT! 

Do you love to sing? Act? Dream of being on Broadway?

Do you watch Glee? Dance Moms? 

Do you just ever feel like you don't fit in? Want to find a place where you can be yourself?

Seriously, this book is for just about everyone, and will be the top of my list of recommendations in the fall. This is the perfect middle school book, as it has a little something for everyone...boys...girls...doesn't matter.

So, I thought that instead of gushing about how much I like the book, I'd show you a clip of the author talking about how he came to write it. And in this 4 minute clip, I think it's possible that I have fallen in love with the author as well.

I also included a clip of him reading the first few pages of the book...the perfect book talk.

Now, the one contention I have with the book is the cover. Why, oh why, did the publisher create such a "babyish" cover? The cover reads 3-5th grade to me (and I'm sure my students will think the same), but the book is the perfect 6th-8th grade book (Nate is in 8th grade). Please, please, please, do not judge this book by it's cover.

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