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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Review: Num8ers (Ward)

Title: Num8ers
Author: Ward
Genre: Fiction, Runaways, Death, Psychic
Pages: 325
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Okay, I finally gave up on the 7 books that I had started and picked up this one. I have been dying (ha, ha) to read this book because the cover is so striking. That red eyeball is pretty cool. Guess what? It's not me and my scattered brain that couldn't get through those other books. I guess they just weren't that good. This one redeemed my faith in authors.

When Jem looks into people's eyes, she can see numbers. The numbers are a date, the date the person is going to die. Jem knew when her mom was going to die and she knows when her friend Spider is going to only a few weeks. When Jem predicts a disaster in London that kills many people (she knew something bad was going to happen because everyone she passed on the street had the same death date), the police think that she is a terrorist. With no real family to speak of, Jem and Spider run. All the time, Jem hopes that she can change Spider's date with death.

A good read, and the last page will get you.


Anonymous said...

I looked up other reviews and dicovered that a sequel is to be rumored....

Mrs. Yusko said...

I can believe that there will be a sequel. I'm not sure what the conflict for the main character would be, but that's why authors get paid the big bucks!


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