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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Reading Lists!

June is right around the corner, thank God, and that means it is Summer Reading time. I have FINALLY completed my annual Summer Reading list, a process I start each year right before spring break and hope to finish by Memorial Day. Whew...I made it! Actually, I have run out of room on the pages so it is time to call it good but that will be our little secret. Yes, I really have been busy reading, reading, reading this spring. And since it's been so cold and rainy here, I haven't felt too lame hiding in the house with piles of books.

You can find the links to each list on my library website (scroll down to the bottom of the page). The lists are divided by grade level, from Kindergarten through High School. Students of all ages, reading levels, and interests will find something good to read, I promise. Some will find MANY great books to read. The lists are designed for students "graduating" from the grade levels listed, but some students will also find titles of interest on the lists above and below their grade level. (By the way, the call numbers listed next to each title are the King County Library System call numbers). And if you are a grown up looking for something good to read this summer, start with the High School list. Great titles to choose from!

I am posting the lists now so that those of you who take advantage of public libraries (YEAH!) can start putting books on hold. But those of you with avid readers at home may want to hide the list until school is out. And those of you EJH students who would rather read than study for finals, you know who you are, come back to the list in a couple of weeks. No blaming Mrs. Yusko for distracting you!

Stay tuned to the blog throughout the summer. It will be updated daily with "latest and greatest" titles not published in time to be included on the Summer Reading lists. I would LOVE your feedback on books that you've read or books that I should review here! Feel free to comment. We can have our own online book club...

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