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Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer Reading

Every year since the beginning of time (kidding--but that's what it feels like), I have been putting together a summer reading list for students in grades K-12. It is a process that I start at the end of March and usually "publish" around Memorial Day weekend.

Since I started this blog around the same time, you'll discover that many of the books I have reviewed here will appear on the list. Never fear though, you will find MANY more titles on the list. I am a HUGE fan of non-fiction (science, history, biography), and when I look at the blog tags, most of the books reviewed here have been fiction. Shocking...and unusual for me.

I promise, I've been reading the non-fiction! But I'm keeping it secret so there will be surprises on my summer reading list. By the way, this blog is an excellent place to check all summer long as I review of all the latest books.

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