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Thursday, May 13, 2010

When it's okay NOT to read a book...

There are actually several occasions when it is okay not to read a book. For example, while walking in the hallways at school (I see it every day); while holding your lunch tray (I see this one also); walking up or down stairs (don't ask); driving a car (okay, I've been known to read at stoplights); while you're supposed to be watching your kids do an activity/sport (shhh!).

It is also okay NOT to read a book that you do not like. Of course, if it is mandatory for a class assignment, you will have to tough it out if you decide the book is not your cup of tea. We've all been there. Mine horrible book memory is from junior year, "The Scarlet Letter." Don't even get me started on how much I disliked this book.

However, if you had a choice of books to read, or you picked the book up because it looked interesting, and it is not what you expected...stop reading! If you have read 50 pages or 20% of the book and you just don't like it, put it back and get a different one--immediately! Reading is not supposed to be painful, and if you find the right book, it won't be. Just because you checked it out doesn't mean you have to finish it.

Case in point, as I have been reading books to create my summer reading list, there are books that I just do not like. Last night, I came across 3 of them. All received great reviews, all had very interesting looking covers, and all sounded pretty cool after reading the book jacket. I disliked every single one of them and stopped reading them all around page 50. (Okay, so I gave up after page 34 on one of them--close enough).

Oh, and if you ask, I might tell you what they were. But I might not. Some of my most interesting conversations are with people who really love the books I did not like. I wouldn't want to keep you from reading a book you might actually like.

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Anonymous said...

Pstt. I bet it was *Twilight*. Sparkle sparkle.


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