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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Review: Liars and Fools (Stevenson)

Title: Liars and Fools
Author: Stevenson
Genre: Fiction, Friendship, Sailing, Death
Pages: 256

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The past year has been tough for Fiona dealing with the death of her mother.  Fiona misses the time spent with her mom, especially the mother-daughter sailing trips.  But since her mother died in a boating accident, Fiona’s father is selling the family sailboat and will not let Fiona near the marina. 

To make matters worse, her dad has a new girlfriend...Kathy.   She claims to be a medium who can communicate with the dead, specifically Fiona’s mom.  Fiona decides to put an end to the relationship between Kathy and her dad by using her science project to prove psychics are frauds, even though she secretly wishes she could communicate with her mother.

Fiona is a believable character trying to deal with her grief, even when others feel like it is time to move on.  Her relationship with her best (and only) friend Abby is realistic and the banter between the two girls adds a nice dose of humor to the story.  At it's heart, this is a story about Fiona finding her own strength in the wake of tragedy.

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