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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Student Review: Wish (Bullen)

This is another entry in our student review category! Look for more posted over the next few weeks...   

Title: Wish
Author: Alexandra Bullen
Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Magic
Pages: 323
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Olivia is the new girl at her school. Who terribly misses her sister Violet who passed away the previous month. Olivia finds “Mariposa of the Mission”, a tailoring shop and Posey the girl that works there. Posey gives Olivia three dresses that represent three wishes that Olivia can make. With Olivia’s first wish she wishes her sister Violet back, she comes as a ghost. Meanwhile Olivia has noticed a boy at her school, Soren. Soon after Soren breaks up with his girlfriend and he and Olivia start to hang out, and become close. Soon Soren’s ex-girlfriend asks Olivia to help her with her charity event and Olivia and she become very good friends. Her new friend explains that she is not yet over Soren, and still has feelings for him. Olivia wants to tell her friend about her relationship with Soren, but just can’t find the words. Olivia made a terrible decision of not telling her friend because she soon finds out about the two being together and is very upset. Somehow Olivia blames the turn of events on her sister Violet, because she was the one who got her to hang with Soren and help her new friend. They have a huge fight and Olivia accidentally wishes her sister’s ghost away. What will Olivia do with only one wish left, when her sister is gone forever and her friend isn’t talking to her? Will Olivia make her life right again or change it forever?

A character that I found interesting was Posey, the owner of “Mariposa of the Mission.” There is certainly something magical and mysterious about this little girl who lives and works in a shop all by herself. Posey seems to know everything. Also I felt a connection between her and Olivia because they both lost someone close to them, recently.

I liked how the smaller details of the book were realistic when the magical parts were mysterious and well, magical. The author did a good job of describing the characters so I could picture them. I disliked the book because I thought it was a bit cheesy and girly for my taste and it was very predictable. I would recommend this book to girls about 9-13 because it was a fairly easy read.

It’s your turn. What would you do if you had the magic to get anything you want with just the simple words, “I wish…” would you wish for something like Olivia or different? The choice would be up to you…
--Sophie, 8th grade

Thanks, Sophie!  Glad that you shared this book.  I met the author at a Scholastic publishing function last summer in Chicago.  I must confess that I have not read the book yet, but it was delightful to hear the author speak about her work!


anjohnston said...

I agree with this review. Posey was by far the most interesting character. I wasn't wild about Olivia but I enjoyed the book well enough. Thanks for the review!

Kathy Martin said...

I have had this book sitting on my "to be read" pile for almost a year now. Your review made me want to look for it and move it to the top of the stack. I think having wishes granted could be a very dangerous thing because it is so easy to say "I wish..." Great review!


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